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Project Coaching

coaching.pngYour challenge

You and your team are implementing a complex development cooperation project. New experts with a high level of technical expertise and old hands should lead your project to success. However, not everyone has the same experience, especially with regard to instruments and methods and complex cooperation with partners. As the project manager, you delegate responsibility for work packages, results and indicators and cannot provide all colleagues with the support that is often required in highly complex projects at all times. 


 Our solution

Based on our experience from development cooperation projects, we offer your project a flexible coaching solution for your team. All team members can book online coaching sessions at any time for individual challenges and receive immediate support from our coaches. In the one-hour sessions, the coaches provide advice, point out tools and solutions, act as a sounding board and ask questions. They contribute their experience and are familiar with (almost) all GIZ instruments and beyond. Those responsible for the assignment are relieved and inhibitions are removed - at any time, worldwide, systemically, agile and customised.

Your advantages

Once commissioned, our coaches can be contacted and booked at any time by all employees of your project, providing methodological support and making (GIZ) instruments usable in practice. The coaching is individualised and supports your team in developing solutions to current challenges - confidentially and in partnership. Inhibitions to use support services are removed and a fresh view from the outside, based on 30 years of experience in a wide range of projects, helps to find solutions. The coaches also serve as "sparring partners" - cost-effective, flexible, confidential, in partnership and at eye level.

Our offer

To take advantage of the coaching offer, projects - from bilateral projects to sector projects - or clusters or country offices commission our coaching service as a package. We at APPLICATIO then conduct an approx. one-hour introduction as a webinar with all team members to get to know each other and build trust, and provide a booking platform. All team members can then book sessions flexibly - individually or as a team (together with the question and any background documents). Only coaching sessions carried out up to the package size are invoiced - no risk, full transparency.

coaching-brochure.pngDetails of the process

Successful team coaching usually proceeds as follows:

  • Initial consultation: We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities, offers and packages as well as the options for commissioning (there are certainly procurement rules to be observed): Simply get in touch with us and we will get back to you directly - free of charge of course.
  • Binding offer: We will provide you with a binding offer including the coaches, the process, the costs and the duration. The offer always includes an introductory event (online) and a coaching contingent. You will only be charged for what is actually provided. This allows us to meet your needs and the needs of your team exactly.
  • Commissioning: You commission us (according to your guidelines and our offer).
  • Activation of the booking platform: We activate your team for the booking platform. Individual experts or teams can then book individual sessions there. For larger packages, we also activate your team for a Microsoft Teams channel in which we can exchange information throughout the entire process. When booking a session, participants are asked to provide the coach with further information about the preparation and receive an online invitation. Bookings can be edited and adjusted by the team at any time.
  • Coaching session: The coaching takes place online, usually in sessions of around one hour); the coaching takes place in a protected space and confidentially via Microsoft Teams. If desired, coaching can also take place on site in person, although this reduces flexibility and increases costs (travel costs).
  • Follow-up appointments can be arranged at any time.
  • Reports: At agreed intervals, we report on completed sessions and remaining quotas as well as the most important questions from the coaching (anonymously).
    Booking a consultation

Book a consultation meeting

Please contact us for an initial consultation (free of charge and confidential). Here you can download the offer as PDF


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What risks do we face as a project if requirements change?

    The risks are low! The coaches are selected and offered by us according to the previously determined needs. If new needs or very specific needs arise (e.g. certain internal processes), we can bring in additional coaches at any time and certainly cover your needs. In the event that needs no longer arise, the risk is also low, as we only charge for coaching that has actually taken place.

  • How can we book the coaching as a project?

    Before booking individual coaching sessions, a "framework agreement" must be concluded (this is due to the fact that you are a public client, we could also invoice individual sessions directly). How this contract can be concluded depends on public procurement law and internal regulations. As a rule, up to a certain amount, an order can be placed directly - at least once a year. Beyond this, comparative offers must certainly be obtained. Please contact your awarding authority for more information.

  • Which topics can be covered?

    The topics always depend on the needs. The more precisely we know this in advance, the more precisely we can offer and select the coaches. As a rule, coaching relates to methods, instruments and tools as well as processes and thus covers topics such as project management, change management, project communication, stakeholder management, monitoring & evaluation. However, you are also welcome to contact us if you have other requirements. As a rule, we also have coaches for special topics (internal processes, digital applications, finance) in our coach pool.

  • Who are the coaches?

    The coaches are selected as required and are always offered as a team so that we can cover many topics flexibly. All coaches have at least 20 years of experience in development cooperation, in at least 20 countries in which they have implemented and supported projects and are members of various specialist pools of the partner organizations as well as certified trainers.

  • What are the costs of coaching for the project?

    The costs are comparatively low (compared to internal consulting and time-consuming tendering of consulting packages). As we only charge for actual services, there is usually no travel involved and we offer a high degree of flexibility in booking sessions, the costs are manageable and easy to plan.

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