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100.00 EUR (VAT excl.)


Administrator-Badge-2.pngJoomla! Administrator Exam and Certification

The Joomla! Administrator Exam is the first available certification exam. It covers topics related to Joomla! users who have access to the backend as Super Users and perform an Administrator role. This exam validates a user’s ability to:

  • understand Joomla's basic architecture
  • manage content
  • manage users and access
  • manage website extensions, components, modules and plugins
  • manage multilingual websites


Every Joomla! major version will have its own exam. The first exam will test the skills for Joomla! version 3.x The badge received is valid for the lifetime of the covered major version. Different Joomla! versions vary in the ways users carry out administrator tasks. This is why, when a new version is released, you have to verify your skills again.


International Management & Marketing Academy (I.M.M.A.) der APPLICATIO Training & Management GmbH
Frauenthal 8
20149 Hamburg


The total price of the examination package is 100,00 € (excl. VAT)

The price includes US$ 60 for the online exam that directly go to Open Source Matters, Inc. In addition the package includes registration fee, handling fees coffee/tea and water during the exam and a printed version of your certificate. A supervisor will be present at any time during the exam.


Minimum 4; Maximum 5

Terms & Conditions:

  • Package has to be paid immediateyl by PayPal
  • Should we have to cancel the exam (e.g. as the minimum number of participants is not reached), you will be fully reimbursed and you will be informed three weeks in advance
  • Should you cancel earlier than three weeks prior to the exam you will be refunded 80% if the price
  • Later reimbursements are not possible due to technical reasons

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