Here you can find news around APPLICATIO's activities and engagement of APPLICATIO-experts outside projects.


csm_Round_6baf64f74e.jpgAPPLICATIO is committed to lifelong learning and modern, contemporary principles and methods of adult education. APPLICATIO will use the Curriculum GlobALE as guiding principles and guidelines in the future and will apply the contents of the Curriculum GlobALE and its methods in all Adult Education measures carried out and offered and base all offers for training trainers and supporting Adult Educators on the Curriculum GlobALE. This is also visually indicated by the reference to Curriculum GlobALE. (Curriculum GlobALE is published under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 IGO (CC-BY-SA 3.0 IGO) licence).

UB United- Applicatio Spende  - Action 1.JPGAs every year APPLICATIO supported UB-United again in 2020. UB-United (Ulaanbaatar-United) is a football club in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, which is particularly committed to disabled and disadvantaged young people. In addition to sports, life support, and fun as well as integration are the top priorities. With the support of APPLICATIO, many disadvantaged young people and especially disabled athletes in Mongolia could be helped again this year.

Leading Employer 2021.png

APPLICATIO has been elected by the Institute of Research & Data Aggregation GmbH ( as one of the Top 1% Employers in Germany and therefore belongs to the best 1% of "Leading Employers 2021". The certification is based on "recognition of holistically leading employer quality in the areas of employee offers and satisfaction, health management, understanding of values, talent communication and image. For the analysis, employers were evaluated on the basis of 200 international sources.  

iMove eXport 2-2020.pngxPORT is the Export-Magazine of iMOVE - "Training Made in Germany". Issue 2/2020 focuses on "Incoming /Outgoing - The best place for Export of Education". As already in issue 1/2020, APPLICATIO contributed to the interesting publication of iMOVE. In this case two articles by APPLICATIO experts on "Please speak slowly - Experiences as Incoming Participant and Trainer" (by Gerelchimeg Chuluunbaatar-Trede) and "Incoming/Outgoing - Advantages and Disadvantages of both Options" (by Thorsten Trede) can be found in the booklet. 

The booklet can be downloaded here (in German only)(pages 25 - 30)

xPort1.pngxPORT is the Export-Magazine of iMOVE - "Training Made in Germany". Issue 1/2020 focuses on digitisation and its effects in the education export industry and APPLICATIO is in the middle of it with an article on "Digitisation in vocational education - for free? Free and open source software offers various possibilities of digitalisation of vocational training services for export".

The booklet can be downloaded here (in German only)(page 11)

Hackathon_slogan_weiß.pngTogether with civil society, the German Federal Government is looking for solutions in the digital space to challenges related to the corona virus. From March 20, 2020 on for 48 hours APPLICATIO participates in the activity to develop digital solutions to support the current crisis situation. A really exciting action with more than 42.000 participants to which you can actively contribute but also learn a lot for your own digital work and project support. 

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