sequa gGmbH - Partner der deutschen WirtschaftAPPLICATIO has been commissioned by SEQUA respectively its project partners with the planning and implementation of two project planning workshops within the Chamber and Association Partnership Programme. Within the scope of two virtual planning workshops APPLICATIO will plan and coordinate the activities of the partnership projects for three years together with SEQUA, the German and the local project partners. This applies on the one hand to the association partnership between the OAV and the Yarlpanam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sri Lanka and on the other hand to the association partnership between the Fachverband Biogas e.V. in Germany and the Uganda National Biogas Alliance (UNBA) in Uganda.

The objective of CIP projects is to contribute to sustainable economic development in BMZ partner countries by supporting the private sector. CIP projects are characterized by:
  • mobilization of experience and know-how of the German private sector for development cooperation
  • direct cooperation of non-governmental organizations in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity
  • taking up initiatives from the private sector.
  • SEQUA has implemented more than 200 CIP projects in about 80 developing and transition countries. The German Biogas Association (Fachverband Biogas e.V.) is also already implementing a CIP (in India). 
Within the scope of the assignment APPLICATIO is responsible for the following tasks
  • Preparation of the virtual planning workshop 
  • Moderation of the workshop
  • Documentation of the results 

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