Evaluierungspolicy GIZ.PNGAPPLICATIO has been selected by the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH" as a member for different pools for central project evaluations and will support central, external evaluations of GIZ projects for 24 months. APPLICATIO has been admitted to the pools for the topics of "Education" and "Climate, Environment, Resource Management". (Graphics: (c) GIZ)

Central evaluations of projects commissioned by BMZ perform three basic functions at GIZ. They support evidence-based decision-making, promote transparency and accountability, and facilitate organisational learning by contributing to effective knowledge management. GIZ plans, executes and uses evaluations in such a way as to maximise the contribution of the evaluation process and evaluation results to these three basic functions.

Within the scope of the work in the pool of evaluators APPLICATIO (based on individual assignments) will carry out evaluations, but also within the scope of the collaboration in the pool of experts will continuously develop evaluation methods.

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