gti_region.PNGAPPLICATIO was commissioned by the GIZ and the project "Support for Economic Cooperation in Sub-Regional Initiatives (SCSI)" to support the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) in setting up an association of chambers of commerce of the partner countries as part of the GTI structure.  The aim of the project is to provide sustainable and effective support for the establishment of the "GTI North-East Asia Chambers Association". Through consultation, research and interviews with relevant stakeholders, APPLICATIO conducts a needs analysis and analyses the needs of the private sector in the region and derives the objectives for the NEA Chambers Association.

APPLICATIO works on the development of the key documents for the foundation and develops a common understanding together with the GTI stakeholders. APPLICATIO's tasks include, among others, the following:

  • Desk research of GTI documents and background material to familiarise participants with the GTI's tasks and objectives.
  • Evaluation and analysis by the GTI Secretariat of the current situation and process for the establishment of the NEA National Business Association and elaboration of procedures for solving current problems;
  • Skype meetings (or telephone calls) with the GTI Secretariat and other stakeholders involved (in consultation with the GTI Secretariat) to explore specific needs; 
  • Provision of consulting/advice services directly to the GTI Secretariat;
  • Preparation of key documents for the process;
  • Continuous revision of the key documents in coordination with the GTI Secretariat as the process of establishing the NEA National Business Association progresses.

More information on GTI can be found here (

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