eService.pngThe services of the eService of APPLICATIO include among others:

  • Strategy development
    Digital solutions are not an end in themselves, but should effectively support developments and project implementations and increase efficiency. APPLICATIO develops appropriate strategies with its partners and checks the feasibility.
  • Analysis and selection of tools and platforms
    eService supports partners in defining their requirements for digital solutions, identifies suitable instruments and analyses their usability and scalability. eService increasingly relies on Free and Open Source solutions to ensure sustainability and due to their adaptability to special requirements.
  • Set-up and maintenance
    eService takes over the installation, adaptation and maintenance of software solutions for projects and customers and ensures that they can work effectively and efficiently with their solutions (especially Free and Open Source).
  • Training of experts
    Together with I.M.M.A., eService plans and prepares the training of the experts for the use of new digital solutions and supports their use and set-up - both in presence as a workshop or coaching and virtually.
  • e-Learning
    eService supports projects and partners in all steps of the introduction and use of e-learning. Starting with the strategy development over the development of didactic models up to the course development, and execution eService accompanies all steps of the partners.
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