Hackathon_slogan_weiß.pngTogether with civil society, the German Federal Government is looking for solutions in the digital space to challenges related to the corona virus. From March 20, 2020 on for 48 hours APPLICATIO participates in the activity to develop digital solutions to support the current crisis situation. A really exciting action with more than 42.000 participants to which you can actively contribute but also learn a lot for your own digital work and project support. 

 The nationwide hackathon #WirvsVirus is a joint event of the German government and seven social initiatives. problem-solvers from the tech and creative industries as well as socially committed citizens are invited. Participation is possible via the website wirvsvirushackathon.org and via Twitter at @wirvsvirushack.

At #WirvsVirus, the Hackathon offers a common organisational and technical framework in which participants can get involved online and develop functioning prototypes and approaches - digital and analogue - for socially relevant questions regarding the corona crisis. Especially in the current situation, digitisation can offer new opportunities for digital participation. The Hackathon can send an important signal in this respect. But the event should also be a starting point for joint commitment, with which long-term challenges as a society can be solved for society.

More information is available here: https://wirvsvirushackathon.org/

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