e-service_corona.jpgAgainst the background of the current "Corona-Crisis" APPLICATIO expands its eService offering around the use of digital instruments for project work in development cooperation and offers fast, competent and unbureaucratic support at the

  • Support at e-Meetings and Webinars (Technology, Moderation etc.)
  • Support for training courses (courses, learning environments, moderation)
  • Support in the selection and application of tools (analysis, identification, training, use)
  • Own tools for direct use (surveys, collaboration, coordination, learning environment) 

For many years APPLICATIO supports the use of digital tools and media and digital, networked work as well as digitally supported learning with its eService department. In these difficult times, this trend is now even more important. Not only personal meetings, but working sessions and conferences are cancelled for good reason. Also the area of further education - keyword Capacity Development - coaching and consulting almost come to a standstill in many projects. This does not have to happen!

APPLICATIO's eService supports projects, project financiers, NGOs and experts in using digital instruments and strategies. A different approach has become a must today. APPLICATIO attaches great importance to the fact that digitalisation is always a social process and requires an adaptation of people and not only a technical solution:

  • Coordination and Communication: APPLICATIO supports in the area of maintaining communication (meetings, stakeholder management, consultations etc.) amongst others by
    • Situation analysis
    • Identification of tools and instruments
    • Installation, adaptation, training and operation
    • Participant management, moderation
  • Coordination, Processes and Cooperation: APPLICATIO supports in the area of project coordination, digitisation of processes and the conversion of coordination to digital methods amongst others by
    • Situation analysis
    • Identification of tools and instruments
    • Installation, adaptation, training and operation
  • Learning and Innovation: APPLICATIO supports in the field of Capacity Development amongst others by
    • Situation analysis
    • Strategy and concept development (from one-off webinars to complete online academies
    • Technical implementation
    • Course design, Supervision/implementation, Participant management, Tutoring

Often existing tools are used which can often be used free of charge and do not require installation but just want to be used properly (Zoom, #Slack, Mobilize, Social Media, Google etc.) or Free-and-Open-Source Software and existing installations of APPLICATIO (Limesurvey, Moodle, Joomla!, Wordpress, Group-Office, OSTicket, OwnCloud etc.).

Let's tackle the challenges together! Fast, reliable, innovative, human and unbureaucratic.

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