International Management & Marketing Academy

IMMA.pngThrough its education projects the International Management & Marketing Academy - I.M.M.A. of APPLICATIO develops and supports the development and international competitiveness of companies, organisations and institutions by means of transfer of know how. This is the case for leaders as well junior leaders from developing, transforming and emergent countries as well as from industrialised nations.

One of the central constraints in many countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America is seen in the shortage of adequately qualified professional personnel to cope with the rapidly changing conditions and requirements of the global market place.  At different levels, this applies also to the highly industrialised countries.  In view of the ever closer interlinkages of a global economy, the areas of international management and international marketing are two fields that are especially affected.  The developing nations will achieve autonomous and sustainable socio-economic growth without foreign assistance only if they have the human resources with the required qualifications.

I.M.M.A. aims its training activities at promoting the international competitiveness of commercial companies, organisations and institutions by the transfer of adapted know-how. This applies to senior and junior management personnel from both the developing and the industrialised countries. The transfer of know-how, tailored to the particular target group, is achieved by:

  • Individual seminars and workshops
  • Long-term training programmes
  • Short-term training programmes.

The training programmes for participants from the developing countries in particular often lead directly, i.e. already during the trainees' stay in Germany, to the initiation of exports and business co-operations; the latter is a significant achievement not only for participants from private-sector companies, but also from foreign institutions.

This short-term practical success of I.M.M.A.'s training activities is feasible only because of it’s long-standing experience of implementing short-term and long-term training programmes of this type and the respective high level of technical competence on issues of practice-oriented training for participants from developing nations and transition countries.

I.M.M.A. has the necessary up-to-date high-standard technical equipment, hardware/software and its own seminar facilities with computer rooms, etc. in the (university-) centre of Hamburg/Germany.

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