eAcademy.pngAPPLICATIO's eAcademy supports development and international competitiveness of enterprises, organisations and industry sectors by eLearning measures.

In many countries eLearning is not part of the standard, which can be found in the training sector. This type of learning offers many advantages to the learners which can not be achieved with traditional learning. This is especially true in large states and developing as well as transformation countries. Althoughe-learning complements the excellent human interaction, but it can not replace this. Certainly many contents can optimally be trained and captured by eLearning, but there may be questions and topics from time to time, where the conversation and interaction with a human is the best form of learning.

APPLICATIO is of the opinion - depending on the context of the project- that the following are the main advantages of e-learning:

  • Complete local independence - Where internet is available, you can learn and interact. 
  • Own pace -  Anyone can learn at any time on your own schedule.
  • Alsways available -  The learning content is available anytime, day or night.
  • Updatability - The content can be added anytime and renewed from anywhere in the world.
  • Interactivity - Modules and lessons can be interactive and include numerous forms of media (video, images, graphics, text).   
  • Mobility - Depending on the system participants can learn also mobile and are more flexible.  
  • Low Cost - Although the creation of concepts and content is certainly not to have free numerous other costs such as travel costs, absence costs, etc. are not incurred during the learning phases.
  • Together - Modern systems do not let the participants alone. They can interact with other participants and/or trainers in forums, chats, on pin boards and in video conferences to learn from each other and together with others. 

APPLICATIO operates its own e-learning platform based on Moodle and implements eLearning programmes also on behalf of others.