International Development Consult

IDC.pngI.D.C.'s activities support the development and global competitiveness of commercial companies, organisations and industry sectors by:

  • Transferring adapted know-how
  • Opening up international markets
  • Introducing efficient management and marketing systems
  • Utilising available raw material potential in an optimal manner
  • Developing existing human resources by appropriate training
  • Selection and implementation technologies combining economic and ecological factors
  • Utilisation of alternative energies, e.g. on the basis of agricultural and forestry waste
  • Sustainable forestry

I.D.C.'s services include:

  • Management consulting
  • Small and medium industry promotion
  • Export promotion and international marketing
  • Investment promotion, including joint venture building
  • Development of adapted technologies
  • Resource and environmental conservation
  • Integrated regional development
  • Sector development planning
  • Creation and strengthening of institutional structures
  • Placement of high qualified experts for short and long-term assignments

I.D.C.'s services are developed and delivered with strong focus on specific needs of the relevant project and the client. Apart from systematic planning and execution, its international consultancy services and project management assistance are based on:

  • Specific regional and technical knowledge and experience
  • Intercultural management, and
  • Cooperative partnering relationship with the partners involved.